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Latest on Isa Ali Pantami: Should He Resign or Not?

The internet is the best accountant of words, writings, actions, the past and the present. It can be a kind of brutal judge, also. It is a swinging double-edged sword that cuts on both sides. It can give mileage on the popular and notorious index. Things on the dark recesses of the internet can be […]
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Convoy for Show or Security: Do Governors Need Large Convoy?

Earlier yesterday, on my Facebook wall, I teased "Do Governors and other public officials and officers need large convoy"? I hold the view that only the President and the Vice-president should have a large convoy because of National Security implications of their offices. Governors and others should have skeletal convoy, on the other hand, other […]
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Unity or Lack of it as a Decoy for Crass Political Opportunism

There are two main assumptions by political elites in Nigeria: Unity will be enhanced by the rotation of the presidency of the country, and Unity will be achieved by equitable distribution of political offices and opportunities. The hidden but in-plain-sight interpretation to the two assumptions is that the area or areas that produce the president […]
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