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Building a Country of Our Dreams: Nigeria

We all seemed well and truly overboard in knowing the problems of Nigeria. Talk to any Nigerian, home and abroad; including those who had been in power before, they know the problems. What many do not know, are the solutions to the problems. Nations are never built by problems identifiers alone, but by solution providers […]
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My Painful and Terrible Experience with Air France Airlines

My first encounter with AIR FRANCE (AF), was sometimes in 2014. I had booked a flight on KLM from Lagos, Nigeria, to Rome, Italy to attend the IAPC Conference. I enrolled on KLM’s frequent flyer program. My number is 2118631346. When my membership card arrived, it had KLM and AF on it. I started receiving […]
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Why Apostle Suleman Should Seek the Face of God

I’m a Christian by Faith. I share with Pastor Suleman, other Pastors, and Believers, a common Faith in Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer. The commonality of our Faith also bound us to a common fate in perception and reputation. The things that offends and affects him, offends and affects me and others. So I […]
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