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End-to-end services to help you find success in your political career

International Political Campaigns

Kurtis Adigba Consulting uses the power of advertising to tell the unique stories of our candidates and win high-profile campaigns. From local to state, federal and international political campaigns, let Kurtis Adigba & Co. Consulting give your vision a voice. 

Debate Preparation

Knowing and understanding how to canvass supporters during public debates is sometimes key to the success of your election. We will work with you to script the right message and data you need to back up your message during any public debate.

Online Digital Strategy

In today’s world of information overload on people, you need a powerful strategy that will cut through the clusters of enormous information bombarding people daily and get your message across – every time.


We are masters in communicating and transmitting your primary messages to the public through the right channels using several forms & in varieties of avenues to inform, educate and positively influence the citizens.

Ballot Initiative

Influencing the legislative through your political campaign is a great influence indeed. Kurtis Adigba Consulting. will work with you or the in-house team to write or and powerful proposal with sufficient public support and endorsement.

Research Pooling

We deliver forward-thinking research and relevant data on public opinion of our client. Bad polling data can lead to dire consequences, hence we pay extra attention to details and invest enough time conducting it through phone calls, mail, internet and one-on-one with potential human subjects on busy streets corners and malls.

Creative Messaging

Saying the right thing is important; knowing “how” to say it and at the right time is even more important. Your messages to voters, either through media or outdoor, has the potential to make or break your reputation and how the community view you and your party as a whole.

Fund Raising

Do you know fundraising for a political campaign could be daunting especially when starting out? At Kurtis Adigba & Co. we believe that to run a competitive and successful political campaign, field work is essential.

Advertising and Production

Proper ad placement is essential for the success of your campaigns. Your message, vision and mission needs to be in front of the people that needs to see it. Our creative team work hand-in-hand with our strategists who are experts at what they do.

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