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Why Apostle Suleman Should Seek the Face of God

By: Kurtis Adigba
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I’m a Christian by Faith. I share with Pastor Suleman, other Pastors, and Believers, a common Faith in Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer.

The commonality of our Faith also bound us to a common fate in perception and reputation. The things that offends and affects him, offends and affects me and others. So I have a stake in what he does and how my Faith is perceived through his actions.

I’m aware of the commandment of God that says don’t touch my anointed and don’t harm my Prophets. I won’t. I’m simply going to admonish my brother in Christ and help him see why he should seek the face of God. I did the same thing with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, when he was in the barrel.

My dear Pastor Suleman, you have been associated with or linked to sex scandals in the past years. I’m not saying you are guilty or not guilty; I’m just troubled that your name is always being mentioned with such things.

As a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, your name should not be mentioned with sexual sins or impurities.

Your words and actions should attract people to Christ, not turn them away from Him or make them cast aspersions on His name.

You should be like a city on a hill, a role model to believers. Instead, you have become a subject of jokes and mockery to some, and an object to be protected and defended by others.

The first time I heard about you on this issue was in the case of one Daniella Okeke, an actress. You were accused of having sexual relationship with her and that you bought a house and vehicle for her worth hundreds of millions.

Both of you denied the affairs.

You said Satan was the person behind the smear campaign, and I believed you.

Then came the case of Stephanie Otobor with all the salacious details. You denied ever having any sexual relationship with her or anyone other than your wife; again, I believed you but with little doubts at the backend of my heart.

Could it be true? I asked myself.

Then Stephanie showed up in your Church and repudiated her story to the thunderous joy of your congregation.

And now, it is one Pastor David accusing you of having affairs with his wife. You have denied having an affairs with his wife, the wife has also denied; but you have admitted that you angrily spoke profanities to someone on the phone - not David.

You are human and you can make mistakes. You are not perfect. But after so many years in the ministry, anger should no longer be your problem.

There is no way you didn’t teach your congregation on the danger of anger. The Bible says we can be angry but we should not sin. The words that I heard you say in that recording are unfit of you and your calling.

It is fitting that you have taken them back and apologized.

One nagging question in my mind is: why you (Suleman), almost all the time?

Is it because you are the most anointed minister in the country or the one with the most impact? Why people around you that you have shown kindness in the past?

Something is not right, but I don’t know for sure what it is. You know it, and God knows it. He cannot be deceived. We can. You can.

You said yesterday that your kind and open nature has been exploited by people to cast you in a bad light and that you have decided to cut-off from people, that is not the solution.

The solution is simple: Go back to God and seek His face in repentance. Ask Him to take your heart and use you for His name alone. Quit the limelight and embrace His inner sanctuary.

I will also suggest that you emplace a system or structure that will help you keep away scandals. Many Ministers have them. Evangelist Billy Graham never traveled without his wife or aides who inspects his hotel rooms and other places before he goes into them.

Pastor Kenneth Hagin had the same thing in place. Pastor Sam Adeyemi, does not counsel or meet women and Girls alone. His wife or another Pastor must be present.

He instituted this as a code in the church for pastors. You need to have something like this in place - a system that not only deters but removes the opportunity for action or suspicion.

Please extend my deepest regards to your wife. She must be deeply troubled by these things! God give her the grace to stand and help you through these dark hours.

May the Grace and Love of God keep you.


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