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The Misconception of Insecurity in Nigeria Many People Don't Know

By: Kurtis Adigba
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The North you are blaming for all your problems is the worst part of the country.

The people have the worst living conditions and are mostly Refugees in their countries.

Their schools and hospitals are the worst in the country.

Boko Haram and Bandits are killing and kidnapping them in hundreds daily, thousands monthly, and in hundreds of thousands daily.

Their schools are abandoned because of abductions of their children by Boko Haram terrorists and Bandits.

Their farms are destroyed and unreachable because of fears of being killed or captured by Boko Haram and Bandits.

When some of them who are traders, vendors, shoe shiners, water fetchers, wood breakers and cutters, grave diggers, and general menial workers, find their ways to the Southern parts of the country they believe is safer for them, they are branded as terrorists and dealt with because of the activities of some criminal elements from the North in the South.

Many have lost their lives and their property.

The poor and struggling Northerners -- running away from the deadly and devastating conditions in their part of the country are lumped together with their elites and oppressors in power, and at the top of the economic pyramids, and treated as enemies of the South and her people.

Most Northerners in the South are ‘economic and political refugees’ in search of better living conditions.

They are not your enemies or terrorists.

The terrorists are in the bush, forest, and hard to reach places.

They are not the chicken, cow, ram, tomato, and onion, potatoes and yam sellers in plain sight.

The "alabaru" in In CMS/ Marina, Mushin, and Dugbe Markets are not bandits, terrorists or killer herdsmen, they are hard laborers in search of daily bread.

They are also victims of the same criminals!

The fact is that more Northerners have been killed by Boko Haram terrorists, Bandits, and criminal herdsmen.

The North is the epicentre of deadly activities.

Many Northerners have fled their homes and are living in IDP Camps that have also come under attacks.

This is not to say the attacks in the Southern parts of the country should be ignored and overlooked; it should not have happened at all.

Southerners have the right to be angry, but their anger is directed at the wrong people -- the ordinary Northerner who is running away from the devastation in his or her part of the country to safety -- the trader who takes the risk of shuttling between the North and South to bring food items.

By all means criminal herdsmen, terrorists, bandits, and other criminal elements operating in the South irrespective of where they come from should be dealt with according to the law.

After all, are bandits, terrorists, and criminal herdsmen not being dealt with in the North?

Many are being killed and arrested daily by the military.

I concede that some Northern elites in conjunction with their Southern counterparts are stoking the politics of division because their continued relevance depends on it.

They are selfish and evil.

All their plotting and scheming is about access to the nation’s treasury, and whatever or whoever keeps them away from it at any time must be destroyed.

The way they play the game is to frame their grievances in the divisive political rhetoric of hate and division, ethnic and religion.

They know these things are the most effective ingrained fault lines.

People do not ask questions or do critical thinking once religion and ethnicity are injected into anything because emotion is a slave to reason.

The simple truth is that Northerners and Southerners are bound together in miseries by the activities of their ruthless and selfish elites.

They need to stand together and confront the thieving elites.

Look around the country, no part is doing well considering the huge resources available. We are rating the elites by the curve.

Northerners and Southerners are not enemies -- they have common enemies in the thieving elites, terrorists, bandits, and other criminal elements ravaging the country.


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