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Mass Hypocrisy, Twisted Justification and "Righteousness"

By: Kurtis Adigba
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Last year I visited Mauthausen Concentration Camp (1938–1945), Austria, where hundreds of thousands of people were tortured and murdered.

Our tour guide showed us a football pitch in front of the camp where residents of the town come to watch prison guards play football, to project normalcy in the midst of the horrific crimes inside and outside the camp.

He said the people became numb to the evil around them and became accustomed to seeing people being killed without any feeling of revulsion. I thought that was strange! But I don’t anymore.

Human beings are capable of unspeakable evil, and they can find justifications for them irrespective of how asinine they are!

Mauthausen Concentration Camp (1938–1945)
Source: Mauthausen Memorial

Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Tito, and other strongmen and mass murderers had reasons, causes, and supporters, for their murderous escapades.

Many of their supporters were Christians, lovers of God, and good people who found reasons to rationalize the horror. They said the quality and character of the men don’t matter as much as what they do and believe.

In our days, we found people who are ordinarily decent, dignified, and good, using religion and sentiments to justify and rationalize evil. They took a deeply flawed man and canonized him as the protector and defender of Christianity.

They made excuses for his behaviour.

They said, “look at what he does and not what he says”.

Okay, let us for a moment focus on his actions

He is a liar. According to the Washington Post fact-checker, he told 22,000 lies in three years plus. His lies gave rise to a new cottage industry of fact-checkers.

He lacks empathy and he is a racist. He calls people derogatory names and referred to women as fat, ugly, dogs, and pigs.

Called out by Megyn Kelly, he said proudly ”only Rosie O’Donnell” to laughter from the audience.

He stoked racial tensions and encouraged his supporters to attack and injure people who disagree with him.

He worked overdrive to delegitimize the first African American president of the United States, Barack Obama. He said Obama was not born in America and that he is a Muslim. The fact that Obama was born in America did not matter. He kept pouring gas on the senseless birther and religion conspiracy theories. It also didn’t matter that Obama the “Muslim” started the National Easter Breakfast meeting in the White House that Trump the righteous champion ended!

Trump’s personal character did not matter

It did not matter that the man was twice divorced, accused of sexual assault by over two dozen women, paid hush money to two women to keep them quiet and denied.

One of the two women, Stephanie Clifford, aka as Stormie Daniels, is a pornography actress, film director and former stripper. Trump denied knowing them until his lawyer, Michael Cohen outed him.

But it didn’t matter, he is the anointed one, and the protector of the Christian Faith. This same man boasted about grabbing women by their private parts and kissing them without their consent because he said: ”they let you do it if you are a star”. Access Hollywood Tape.

As a candidate, he was asked, ”Have you ever confessed your sins and asked God for forgiveness”? He answered,

”I have no sins and have not done anything bad in my life to ask God for forgiveness. I have a great life”.

The bedrock of the Christian Faith states clearly that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God… except a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God” but this is not for our modern-day King Cyrus as we are made to believe.

He doesn’t need to know God to be used by God. He doesn’t need to have even decent character, too. After all, God used King Cyrus who didn’t know him. Well, the Bible didn’t tell us about King Cyrus character, we don’t know. But I want to speculate that Cyrus was not anything like our man! The Centurion was a man who didn’t know God too, but he was a decent and compassionate man.

The Centurion wanted Jesus to heal his sick servant because he built a Synagogue for them and showed them kindness, but the man himself unworthy of Jesus. Luke 7:5-11.

He blackballed people - small business people who supplied him goods and services, he defrauded his Foundation - monies others contributed to causes he promoted as Charity. He paid a fine.

He conned people into paying millions of dollars for a non-existent University and settled out of court for $25m.

He is a tax dodger and manipulator. A system abuser. An amoral person who hoist the Bible as a symbol and not a source of godliness.

A race-baiter who derived immense joy from attacking other people. He said Bernie is crazy; Hillary is crooked; Steve is sloppy; Jeb was low energy; Warren is Pocahontas; Mattis and Streep the most overrated General and Actress. He knew more the Generals and only he can fix the problems of America.

Soldiers who were killed in wars are losers and suckers; John McCaine was a hero because he captured. He preferred one not captured. He mocked McCaine for his vote for ACA- Affordable Care Act-OBAMACARE by mimicking the movement of his injured hand, in life and in death. He continued to pummel McCaine long after his death.

What a graceless man!

Yet he is the anointed one, or so they told us.

This man had no values and virtues that projected and reflected God, Christ, and Christianity. He is the polar opposite of everything Christianity. He lied about his opposition to LGBTQ. His wife, Melania, and daughter, Tiffany, exposed his lie during the campaign

”my husband is in support of LGBTQ and he has your back”.

"My husband is in support of LGBTQ and he has your back”.

“My dad supports you but because of politics he cannot say so openly”.

This is an ideologically shifty man. Once a Democrat and a pro-choice showman from New York he contributed funds to the Planned Parenthood Federation, abortion chief supporter and facilitator, but quickly laundered his image and ideas and framed himself as a Republican and Pro-life, who is against things he supports.

With fairness to Trump, he had boasted that if he ever ran for president he will do so as a Republican because ”they are gullible and will accept anything on Fox News”. He is right at least to some extent!

Trump is a victim - a victim of the Evangelicals - who used him to get what they needed most - attention and visibility - but denied him what he needed most - Salvation in Christ.

In almost four years of access to him, none of them led him in repentance to Christ. Yes, they laid hands on him and invoked blessings on him, it is not enough. We are saved by Grace through Faith, not good works, not blessings.

Pastor Jerry Falwell, disgraced former president of Liberty University, Virginia, is a close confidante of Trump. He was removed from his position at Liberty University after a man accused him of procuring him to have s.x with his wife, Becki, while he watched.

He had settled a similar accusation in the past. Interestingly he didn’t deny the allegations, he said he became aware after the fact, and that Giancarlo Granda, the man who made the allegations against him was trying to extort and blackmail them.

Text messages from the Falwells to the man exposed his lies, and he was forced out of the University his father founded.

Another is Paula White, Trump’s spiritual advisor seen in the viral video releasing angels from African to help Trump win the election. Africa of all places! The shit holes! I thought angels have their dwelling in Heaven and not Africa? Was she calling on human angels like Iwu and Orubebe who had perfected the acts of rigging and resistance to reality? Only PW can answer this question.

The angels applied for a visa but were turned down because they are from shit hole countries. Paula White is an attention addict using Trump for visibility and relevance.

Finally, our little minds are deceiving us about God’s purposes and intentions for His world. Because God gave us insights into some events does not mean we have become His mind readers in every situation.

His ways are past finding out. We have concluded that the anti-Christ will come from America because of their economic and political power. God does not think like men. When Jesus was to be born, He chose a small city, Bethlehem in Judaea instead of the big cities and towns of the period.

He raised Moses through the man who wanted him dead. He used David, a small boy to takeout Goliath, the intimidating giant.

God is not in the wind and thunder - He is still speaking in a still small voice. He spoke to some people who are still listening to Him about what he wanted to do. It is a deadly sin to be presumptuous or to think that you know the mind of God concerning a thing without asking Him.

Many people have found themselves in difficult positions today because they expressed their preferences as the voice of God.

They need repentance.

Next time, do your prediction and own it. Don’t say ”God told me” when He has not. We believed Prophet Samuel as a servant of God because from “Dan to Beersheba none of his words fell to the ground”. Don’t be deceived, God is not mocked.


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