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Glo Advert that Depicts Nigeria’s Problems

By: Kurtis Adigba
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GLO has a smart advert currently running that was created for their marketing, but inadvertently depicts the problems of Nigeria and provide the solutions on the flip side.https://www.youtube.com/embed/bZQDuav0ujU?feature=oembed

Credits: YouTube Videos. globacomlimited

In the advert, two rich guys elevated to the elite class by material things beyond their moral compass and character were involved in a minor scratch side-collision to their vehicles – a glittering Range Rover and Mercedes G-Wagon.

Both men got down from their vehicles decked in their designer’s ensembles and attacked each other. They talked about their powerful relatives and their connection to power while holding up traffic for other commuters instead of talking to each other calmly and seeking for a solution.

Tired of waiting for the two men who were talking over themselves and holding others down, a young girl on her way from school came up with a brilliant idea-she googled how to remove scratch stains from vehicles with brake oil. She got down from her vehicle, took a can of brake oil, walked to the vehicles and cleaned-off the marks on the vehicles to the admiration of the two men who suddenly realized that they were bickering over nothing.

Other men and road users who stood by doing nothing broke into cheers for the young girl. The men got into their vehicles and drove away. Problem solved.

Lessons: We will get nothing done by talking over ourselves, we will get somethings done by listening to each other and seeking accommodation.

Boasting about our resources and blessings to others will not make them fear or respect you.

We also need to get up and do something.

That girl was tired of the nonsense and decided to act.

Take action!

Nothing changes without force and action.

Her action showed clearly that young people have the power of fresh and new thinking in our country. The young girl deploying current resources quickly found a solution to the problem.

We need new thinking in public service. We need the young people to move in and shape their future. Too many old people are in charge of shaping a future they won’t be part of and don’t know a thing about. We need deliberate policy that will expand the frontier of opportunity in government to our young people. They can’t be passengers perpetually in a vehicle they are primed and destined to assume control of in the immediate future.

Enough of recycling of old ideas that don’t work, never worked, and won’t work.


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