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Anambra Governorship Election: A Word to Anambra People

By: Kurtis Adigba
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My dear people of Anambra State, this is your moment to move your State forward.

Come out in large numbers and vote for candidates of your choice.

Ignore calls on you to boycott the election. Do not be swayed by financial inducement and interdenominational vibes in voting, look at the character and competence of the person.

All the candidates are your sons and you know them before now. You know what they have done, what they are capable of doing, and how they will do things in the future. Anambra is greater than any individual.

At the State level, the Governor is more important than the President. If you get it wrong in choosing your Governor, you will suffer for the next four years. Shun violence, ignore senseless murder, vote.

May God bless the good people of Anambra and may He uphold their choice and frustrate the activities of evil people.



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