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Proper ad placement is essential for the success of your campaigns. Your message, vision and mission needs to be in front of the people that needs to see it.

Our creative team work hand-in-hand with our strategists who are experts at what they do.

Understanding and reaching audiences using the right channels to change minds and effect public opinions, build and protect our client’s reputation, tackle enormous challenges and win is at the forefront of Kurtis Adigba & Co. Consulting.

Our seasonal expert’s uses the most cost-effective paid media strategy to augment your campaign reaches using data-driven platforms with breakdown reports providing demographic information about the people who saw and engaged with your brand.

We care about your project, we tirelessly work with you to reach your target audience on the right channels without spending a fortune.

We work with you from start to finish to reach your goal even on a tight budget.

Do you know fundraising for a political campaign could be daunting especially when starting out? At Kurtis Adigba & Co. we believe that to run a competitive and successful political campaign, fieldwork is essential.

Fortunately, we are equipped with experienced, top-notched experts with numerous and effective political fundraising ideas to drastically support you as a candidate and your team to get ready and well equipped for any monetary challenges your political dream may encounter.

From crowdfunding, chain fundraising letters to mentorship auctions and more, Kurtis Adigba & Co. is up to the task.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we can make fundraising for your campaign to be both successful and enjoyable with our well thought out strategy and plan; which include but is not limited to the following capabilities

And much more.

Either you want to run for local office or at a higher level, Kurtis Adigba & Co. will equip your election cruise to reach a safe harbour.

Saying the right thing is important; knowing “how” to say it and at the right time is even more important.

Your messages to voters, either through media or outdoor, has the potential to make or break your reputation and how the community view you and your party as a whole.

Creative messaging is at the heart of your political campaigns which inadvertently influences the way and manner potential voters view you and give them a level of perception regarding your party and promises.

The development of creative messaging is something that we at Kurtis Adigba & Co. do in consultation with you. Our creative team has the talent and expertise to develop unique and top-notch messaging for your political campaigns which are then packaged and communicated to voters through various channels to steer awareness and build reputation.

With over 3 decades of experience, we know that creative messaging goes beyond sounding good, you need more than that. Your political campaign need the right tools and messaging that will spur potential voters to action.

Well planned our creative messages are the key to earning the community’s attention and driving engagement.

Kurtis Adigba & Co. delivers forward-thinking research and relevant data on public opinion of our client.

Bad polling data can lead to dire consequences, hence we pay extra attention to details and invest enough time conducting it through phone calls, mail, internet and one-on-one with potential human subjects on busy streets corners and malls.

Our research goes beyond assessing thoughts, opinions and feelings of voters but helping our client with detailed and careful investigation into the strategies of his/her opponent and possible pitfalls thereby going steps ahead in the campaign process.

Influencing the legislative through your political campaign is great influence indeed. Kurtis Adigba & Co. will work with you or in-house team write or craft powerful proposal with sufficient public support and endorsement.

We help you influence the citizen to submit a petition to the legislative body on laws governing business regulation, elections and campaigns in the country, taxes, constitutional conventions, state and local government budgets etc. on the ballot. It is about putting the power in the hands of the citizen to give ideas or suggestions to amend the constitution which will generate sufficient amount of voters for your campaign.

We are masters in communicating and transmitting your primary messages to the public through the right channels using several forms and in varieties of avenues to inform, educate and positively influence the citizens and studying the effects of each broadcasting channel on the public, parties and interest groups to enhance our client’s name recognition and accrue his reputation.

Whether local, regional, state, national or international campaigns, Kurtis Adigba & Co. can use the power of information, persuasion and strategic messaging to understand and affect the public to spur them to action in the favour of our client.

Voters have antecedents about the quality of candidate’s strategies or stratagem, hence, we help you communicate your message in an effort to influence voter’s decisions at the ballot.

Deliberately arranged, actualized and facilitated

Do you know public debates can make or mar your campaign?

Knowing and understanding how to canvass supporters during public debates is sometimes key to the success of your election.

Research works, statistics and other important information are essential for the success of your debate which you can trust our team to fully provide to back you up during rebuttals.

At Kurtis Adigba & Co. we know winning political party elections is a huge goal which is almost impossible to accomplish by yourself, and even if you can, it’s a lot harder. That is why we’ve spent over 2 decades in the industry doing all the hard work so you don’t have to.

In today’s world of information overload on people, you need a powerful strategy that will cut through the clusters of enormous information bombarding people daily and get your message across – every time.

Our capabilities in crafting the right digital strategy to reach your target audience are second to none.

With our in-house professionals, you can count on us to handle your digital messaging strategy ranging from

Your messages are bound to reach your target audience wherever they may be around the world.

From local to state, federal and international political campaigns, let Kurtis Adigba & Co. Consulting give your vision a voice.

The difference between the success and failure of any election is how great and efficient the team is. With our masterful and strategic moves, the public trust is earned. With our creative team, every step matters. We create and develop advertising that triggers an emotional connection and inspires positive action from the public, establishing name recognition and reputation.

No matter where you are in the world, we invest heavily in research to understand your audience, working together with your in-house team toward a common vision of your election. With creativity and our world-renowned creative team, we get involved in your project from conception to completion.

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