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Nigeria does not have infinite resources.

But it has a rapidly growing population!

It is projected that Nigeria will become the third most populous country in the world in 2050, behind China and India. The estimates are between 280-400m. This is scary!

What is even scarier, is the fact that nothing is being done to rein in the exploding growth in population. Rather, we are fixated on sharing the resources- who gets what. We should be thinking more about how to control the number of future sharers; but we are not.

At the current rate, we are struggling, many are living in poverty and below the poverty level; just imagine what it will look like with more mouths to feed and take care of! It is frightening!

Nigeria’s population is dominantly young- Baby boomers. With an economy ravaged by many years of corruption and bad economic management, the economy will continue to struggle.

And with the effect of globalisation, poverty may increase or decrease, but we need to do something fast: control the growth of our population. It is not for nothing that China at some point had a one-child policy.

It is not for lack of resources that the super-rich has fewer children compared to the poor. The government, need to pour resources in the efforts to control the growth of the population.

This is a time bomb ticking!

Why do we make things so difficult for our people in Nigeria?

Why on earth should the Immigration authorities require people who have lost their International Passports to go to Abuja to obtain a replacement?

It simply doesn't make any sense.

Why should a man who live in Lagos have to go to Abuja because his passport is missing when there is an Immigration office in Lagos issuing passports?

Are we not thinking or we simply don't care?

In the USA, a Nigerian having the same problem can go to any of our Consulates in New York, Washington or any other to have the passport re-issued.

They don't have to come back to Abuja.

Why is it not possible to enable or authorize the regional or state offices to re-issue without going to Abuja?

In some parts of the world, you don't even have to go to any office. You apply online and the passport is mailed to you.

We need to place the comfort and convenience of our citizens at the centre of policies.

Please share this until the people responsible get this message.

We can't remain on the same spot while the rest of the world is moving on.

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